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Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM) is a great way for companies who wish to promote their products and/or services in their local community.  This service can be used to send anything from postcards, flyers and even menus, if you own a restaurant. 

The basic requirements for sending an EDDM mailer are:

  • Target zip code or zip codes
  • Mailer type (postcard, flyer, menu, etc.) and size
  • Desired quantity (broken down by Postal carrier route)

EDDM mailers must be a FLAT size.  This means the finished size of the piece must be greater than 6.125” tall or greater than 11” in length.  Also, a mailer cannot exceed 12” in height or 15” in length.

EDDM can be prepared and submitted in one of two ways:  EDDM Retail or EDDM BMEU.  The basic differences are as follows:

  • Volume limitations
    • EDDM Retail has a limit of 5,000 pieces mailed at one time
    • EDDM BMEU has no limit on number of pieces mailed at one time
      • Each method has a minimum quantity requirement of 200 pieces
  •  Postage
    • Postage Amount
      • EDDM Retail postage is currently as low as $0.191 per piece
      • EDDM BMEU postage is currently as low as $0.164 per piece
    • Payment Method
      • EDDM Retail: Postage can be paid using an USPS.com account
      • EDDM BMEU: Postage can be paid using an USPS Market Mail Permit account
    • Payment Indicia
      • EDDM Retail uses two tag lines in the indicia: ECRWSS and EDDM Retail
      • EDDM BMEU uses only one tag line in the indicia: ECRWSS
  • Post Office delivery
    • EDDM Retail: Pieces must be delivered to the Destination Delivery Unit (DDU) that services the selected zip codes
    • EDDM BMEU: All pieces can be delivered to the local processing center (BMEU) and they handle the distribution to the DDU

For additional information on the differences between the two EDDM methods, see the Retail Fact Sheet and/or the BMEU Quick Service Guide.

The process of sending an EDDM mailing is simple:

  1. Select the recipient zip code or zip codes and carrier routes.  This determines the target quantity.
  2. Design and print the mail pieces.  Be sure to use the appropriate EDDM label and indicia.
  3. Prepare the mail pieces in bundles of 50 to 100 with a facing slip indicating the zip code, carrier route and quantity in the bundle.
  4. Deliver the buncled pieces to the Post Office and pay postage due.

Fortunately, we can make this process very easy for our clients.  Our print team can help with the design of the mail piece to ensure the size regulations are met as well as implementing the correct label and indicia.  Our data team will query the specified zip codes for carrier routes and residential/business quantities, then prepare the facing slips for each bundle, build the piece bundles, and prepare the mailing for submission to the Post Office.


The United States Postal Service also has tools for creating an EDDM mailng.  Please visit the USPS Every Door Direct Mail webpage for details.