We would love to hear from you. Contact anyone of our friendly staff members for help with any project. If you are not sure who to talk to, call the main number and we will connect you with the right person. Thanks for calling!

Crew Member
Randy Schoeck
P 801.328.8748, Ext 9833
D 801.449.9833
F 801.449.9812
Crew Member
Stephanie Oberlin
P 801.328.8748, Ext 9834
D 801.449.9834
F 801.449.9813
Crew Member
Ryan Durham
P 801.328.8748, Ext 9838
D 801.449.9838
F 801.449.9817
Crew Member
Mitch Olson
P 801.328.8748, Ext 9836
D 801.449.9836
F 801.449.9815
Crew Member
Michelle Adams
P 801.328.8748, Ext 9831
D 801.449.9831
F 801.449.9811
Crew Member
Guy Eades
P 801.328.8748, Ext 9840
D 801.449.9840
F 801.449.9819

General Contact Information

2837 S 600 W • Salt Lake City, UT 84115-2924
P 801.328.8748 • F 801.328.0758

General Inquiries: info@dumac.net
Mailing Lists: lists@dumac.net
Art Files: prepress@dumac.net



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