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We are not just about packing boxes.  We can make fulfillment an entire, integrated process.  This means that finished products are assigned a SKU number and barcode then inventoried in our spacious warehouse for ordering via a customized web-portal.

These web-portals are completely branded to each client and emulate their corporate website adding a level of comfort to those using the web-portal.  The core functionality of a customized web-portal is:

  • Real-time inventory tracking
    • If product inventory dips below a set level, we are alerted and initiate communications with our client to replenish.  
  • Order status updates. 
    • The use profile can be configured to receive emails regarding order status changes from placing the order, when the order is in process and when the order is shipped.
  • Shipment tracking
    • Once your order is shipped, a tracking number and link to our courier partner’s (FedEx, UPS, DHL or USPS) tracking information are made available.
  • Multi-location database management
    • The size of the location database is unlimited.  You can add, update, and remove locations at your discretion.  This database also integrates with our freight software removing the need to re-key recipient information.  This assures the utmost accuracy in package delivery.

Conversely, we can package and deliver the entire project to where it is needed, whether it is locally delivered or shipped using one of our logistics partners.