DUMAC Print and Marketing

Promoting products and/or services can be as easy as sending a mailer or postcard to consumers, or businesses, who will benefit most from them.  We provide only top rate data that can be mined to the exact target audience.  For example, a promotion for skiers only goes to people that ski.  Conversely,  if the promotion is a service for companies in the ski industry, the data will be for businesses in the industry. Most mailing databases are based on three groups: resident, consumer and business.  Each database type service a unique purpose for a promotion. 

  • Resident lists,
    • Also known as household lists, are intended for a broad range audience when a mail piece is informational in nature. 
    • These databases contain residential and/or business addresses only with a default title line above the address is RESIDENT, OCCUPANT or BOX HOLDER. 
      • The title line can be changed to anything desirable.
    • They are zip code and carrier route based.  Meaning that every household and/or business in each carrier route will get a mail piece.
  • Consumer lists
    • Intended to target specific audiences for a campaign
    • Are based on people and specific traits or lifestyles 
    • Several individual selections, or filters, are available
      • Age, Household Income, Home Value, Children present, and many more
    • Along with mailing data, consumer lists can be purchased with email addresses and phone numbers for campaigns that require follow-up
  • Business lists
    • Are based on business entities only.
    • Can be filtered by industry type (medical, technology, etc.), years in existence, employee size and revenue.
    • Can be directed to specific executive types (CEO, CFO, President, Vice President, etc.)
    • Standard business lists come with the company name and mail address.
      • Additional data, such as, executive title, telephone number and email address

The key elements to generating a mailing database is geography, demographic, and desired quantity.  The geography is the location of the target audience.  It can be state, county, city, or zip code.  Additionally, the geography can be a radius around a specific point: address or zip code.  The

The demographic is information about your target audience: age, household income, home value, etc.  A resident list is limited on demographic information as the data pulled is either the whole carrier route or none of the carrier route.  A consumer list is all about the individual.  This means we can filter recipients right down to their interests or shopping habits. 

The quantity is essential so we know how many recipients to query.  When querying resident list recipients, the quantity will be as close to your target quantity as possible because of the carrier route constraint.  With a consumer list the quantity will always match the desired quantity.  A business list will always return all business in the given location and industry selection.  However, before the addresses are printed on the mail piece, the list can be manipulated to fit desired quantity.

For every database we use, all recipient addresses are 100% postal compliant and matched against the USPS National Change of Address database weekly to ensure they are always accurate and deliverable.  Address quality is key in making sure your message is reaching the intended audience.