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Prepress encompasses the creative design for a print campaign as well as preparing the project for printing.  DUMAC offers a full art and pre-press department.  We utilize industry leading software, like Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop to ensure that art files are of the highest quality before going to press.  Additionally, we utilize both Mac and Windows technologies to ensure compatibility with our clients’  infrastructure.

Since we have the tools to leverage the whole design process, we offer it as a service.  Our goal is to take any campaign from concept to reality.  With our talented designers and collaboration with our clients, we help ensure any campaign will appeal to the target audience. 

From the provided art, we lay the art out to ensure we are using as much of the paper as possible.  This step generates cost savings for our clients as it minimizes the amount of paper used in a campaign.  However, this is entirely dependent on the size of the printed piece and the number of pieces that fit on one sheet  We employ sophisticated stepping software for this task.  Once the layout is complete, press plates are created.

Full variable campaigns also start here.  Variables can include specific colors, images and text for a given sub-set of recipients compiled in a database or spreadsheet.  The technolody we utilize can merge the database with the variable components in just a few seconds.  These types of campaigns are specific to direct mail marketing, which we can help with.  Please see our mailing page for more details.